L’oreal Skincare

Hey guys

If i had to name one brand im the most loyal too i would have to say L’Oreal. From putting my face on in the morning through to taking it off later that night some of my favourite products to use are from the L’Oreal brand, even my favourite shampoo and conditioner is L’Oreal.

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Mystery Blogger Award

Hey Guys!

First off i would like to thank life with gabs for nominating me for my first blogging award her comment when she told me was so sweet and really made my day! So if you haven’t already checked out her blog please go and do so.  Continue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”

My Three Favourite Perfumes

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses, it can recall memories and people you thought you’d long forgotten for instance when i smell soft mints it reminds me of my nan who always had a packet in her handbag. Continue reading “My Three Favourite Perfumes”

Salted caramel and apple mini loafs

When i think of bonfire night i think of fireworks, hot chocolates, sparklers and toffee apples. So taking inspiration from all that and to celebrate bonfire night i came up with my first baking recipe for the blog and made some salted caramel and apple mini loafs. I was going to make one big loaf cake but then i saw these mini loaf cases in Sainsburys and they were too cute to pass up.

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October Favourites

I can’t believe its favourites time again already, this month has just flown by! I will be keeping it short and sweet for this month favourites as to be honest i have been stuck in a bit of a sims 4 bubble so haven’t really been wearing a lot of make up.  Continue reading “October Favourites”

Glam Wicked Witch Halloween Look

Welcome to halloween week here on the blog!

I love this time of year as you have a free pass to let your imagination and your makeup run wild. I love scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing all the different and amazing halloween makeup looks. Although im no where knew as good as them. But to celebrate halloween here on the blog i thought i would give it a go myself and do my own halloween makeup. Continue reading “Glam Wicked Witch Halloween Look”